Why bet online on betting tennis and not football in Parimatch

If you are the classic betting center player it is likely that you have always and only bet on football , this is because the schedule offer in physical corners is more limited than online platforms and perhaps because you have never given too much credit to other sports. In reality, there are sports that have much better prospects for profit than football. Let’s find out why it is worthwhile to bet on Online Tennis.

Parimatch Betting

Useful tips for tennis betting

Football has always been a favorite in sports betting Parimatch Malaysia because it is the most followed sport in the world and, consequently, leads bettors to place more trust in their knowledge in this area

Those in the world of tennis betting , however, must also consider some objective characteristics and these lead tennis, among other disciplines, to be among the most accredited sports for betting on tennis online. When you bet on football, in fact, you have a probability of winning at the start of 33% considering the “winning match” market (1 – X – 2) while for the same market with tennis you have a 50% mathematical probability (1 – 2) . Therefore, already from the start, you can register a considerable advantage.

Of course, tennis too, like all other sports, hides pitfalls. First bet on Online Tennis, so I advise you to take into account the following variations:

    • Technique is of course the first criterion to be taken into consideration. As in all sports, knowing who is the strongest on paper is very important, but it’s not enough.
    • The form of a tennis player can vary during the season. This is because tennis players are called to play several tournaments every year, on average at least more than 20, spread over 11 months. Understanding how keeping your form unchanged during such a long period of time is not easy: taking a look at the latest matches played, therefore, can only be a great idea!

Parimatch Betting

  • The playing surface differs depending on the tournament. If you are used to football, basketball and all other sports with a fixed surface, with tennis you will have to deal with another variant. Here, in fact, it ranges from concrete to clay, from grass to indoor tournaments, clay and grass. What does it mean? That even the number one in the world can find himself in difficulty if he plays on a surface that is not particularly suited to his characteristics. Just think of the Nadal phenomenon, who built most of his successes on clay, and who historically had more difficulties on concrete and grass.
  • The opponent of the day should not be considered only in absolute value . I’ll explain. If on the card player 1 is stronger than player 2, it may be that the latter may put him in difficulty with his game that accentuates the opponent’s shortcomings. An example? Left-handed players are often tough for right-handed players to deal with, especially if you don’t have a solid backhand. So how is it possible to get an idea of ​​this aspect? The precedents between the two tennis players, where present, can be very indicative in this regard.
  • Finally, look at the ranking with the right precautions. You must know that some tennis players can stay away from the courts for a long time, but still remain in good ranking positions thanks to the results previously accrued (the points obtained have one year of validity).

If you do not know the players, but the odds are very similar even though there is a considerable difference in the ranking, it is good to check from what period they are both veterans to avoid unpleasant surprises.