League of Legends Betting Strategies in Parimatch

League of Legends is a very popular game produced by Riot Games , which belongs to the MOBA genre . Often abbreviated to LOL , in this game two teams compete to achieve a goal, so the matches are very well suited to be used to place bets of all kinds. We have created this guide in order to provide you with some betting strategies on League of Legends , which plans to inform you before the event about all the variables that you will find in the next paragraphs.

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As this video game is very large and complicated in mechanics, with dozens of different champions all with their unique skills and many other values ​​to consider, we recommend entering the betting environment only if you already know the game at least in its basics. Only then is it possible to have a full understanding of the risks and opportunities when betting on League of Legends matches. So let’s now see some tips and strategies for placing a bet in a conscious way, with a better chance of winning thanks to a more accurate analysis of the variables. Let’s see together the league of legends strategies to play and win in the summoner’s land or in the other maps.

How to bet on League of Legends

Parimatch Betting

First you need to choose a site to have access to this service. We recommend that you only choose ADM licensed bookmakers . You can find the reviews on our website for more information. After registering on one of these sites, you have to choose the event to bet on. You can bet both on the LOL world championship , organized by Riot Games at the end of each season, and on intercontinental championships such as the American LCS , the Korean LCK , and the PG Nationals which are instead the tournaments in which the best Malaysian players participate.. They will then also be able to compete on a European level by participating in LECs. The best bookmakers even have Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese league events and many more available.

Therefore, 5 people per team participate in each match. Each of them, during a selection phase before the game, must choose one of the dozen champions of the game depending on the position in the map that will occupy and the role that the player will have in the game. The map is square, on the top right and bottom left corners there are the two Nexus , or the vital nuclei of the teams. The team that manages to destroy the opposing Nexus wins. Now let’s see some tips that a bettor should take before betting on a League of Legends game.

Check the OPGG – Betting Strategies for League of Legends

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Given that the League of Legends community is very large and active both on the web and on social networks, the information that can be found on the many professional players of this game is really a lot. Many of them stream games by showing how they play, effectively revealing all their secrets and peculiarities . A good strategy for betting on League of Legends consists in knowing well all the players of one team and the other , in order to be well aware of the possibilities of victory. For anyone who does not want to waste so much time to get information, a dedicated website is available that collects a lot of interesting information about each League of Legends player, which is called OPGG.

Before lol betting, therefore, it is possible to see if a team or a player is doing well in this period, which champions are most played by them, the builds that are built on the champions and much more. This also allows you to evaluate, for example, the latest performances of a team and understand if there is a particular reason if they are getting a series of wins or losses. Given the structure of the game, in fact, the matches are often unpredictable and a single mistake is enough to grant victory to the opposing team despite a great initial advantage between kills and destroyed structures.

What are the things to consider when betting online

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As already mentioned, a team’s previous performance and strategy need to be assessed well, but there are some more detailed precautions that can be taken to devise a betting strategy in Parimatch betting. In fact, every certain amount of time, a patch comes out that partially modifies the power of some champions, objects or monsters of the Summoner’s Rift (ie the map in which the matches are played, as if it were the “field” for football).

This influences each time the Meta , that is the knowledge of what, in the game, is currently stronger than the others, with which objects it must be played and in what role. Thanks to this information it is possible to understand the game much better, so knowing which champion could beat your counter much more easily , so which champions should be banned from each team in the selection phase to prevent enemies from choosing it and much more. Thanks to this type of meta knowledge, it is possible to develop very effective betting strategies for official League of Legends matches.

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Another method that can help you improve your performance using League of Legends betting strategies is to use betting systems . These are systems that use mathematical theory and the study of probabilities to minimize risks and better manage their investment capital. For more information on this topic you can visit our Betting Systems section, which can be found within our betting blog. Follow us to stay up to date on the latest news.