Types of Football Betting in Parimatch Malaysia

The opportunities available to users who are passionate about football betting have increased dramatically in recent years, due to the various commercial maneuvers of the Parimatch , which aim to expand their catalog more and more. To date, there are therefore many types and methods of betting that users can evaluate.

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The sheer amount of options could be confusing for beginners, as the regulation might seem complicated. This guide will analyze in detail all the types of bets on football, trying each time to deepen the meanings of the technical terms of this vast sector. Even a user who has just approached the world of betting will be able to better understand the context, thanks to the explanation of the most popular games such as 1 X 2, Goal / No Goal , Under / Over, but also those less common among fans. The operation of the Asian Handicap, which is one of the most complex markets, will also be covered.

The main types of bets for football

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The football bet par excellence is the one called 1 X 2 / Final result. To win, you have to guess the outcome of a match of 90 minutes plus extra. the wording 1 indicates the home team, the X the draw, the 2 instead the visiting team. It is possible to indicate two different outcomes, in this case it is called Double Chance .

The Under / Over bet requires the user to predict whether a lower (Under) or higher (Over) number of goals will be scored in the match, compared to a figure specified by the bookmaker. This value is then compared with the sum of the goals of the two teams, and the count is carried out. It is also possible to place this type of bet on the number of corners or cards.

The Partial / Final, on the other hand, is a type of bet in which the players have to predict the result both at the end of the first half of the match, and the final result. It is compulsory to guess both outcomes to win. Then there are the bets on the exact result, which as the name suggests require you to guess the exact outcome of the match at the end of the 90 minutes. This is followed by the Goal / No goal bet type, which requires you to guess whether both teams will score at least one goal or not, and the Draw Bet, which requires you to guess the winning team, with the possibility of being refunded in the event of a tie. Finally, among the most important, there is the Even / Odd bet, to win which you have to guess if the sum of the goals at the end of the match is indeed even or odd.

Handicap football betting and Goal betting

Handicap bets are of two types, the classic European ones, and those that come from the Asian market. In the first case, you have to guess the outcome of a match by indicating the winning team as for 1 X 2, but a disadvantage will be placed in the number of goals for one of the two teams, as established by the bookmaker. The Asian handicap , on the other hand, is more complicated. The system tries to reduce the chances of a tie by reducing the possible outcome to just two outcomes. There are two types of handicap: Half Goal (0.5 or 1.5 etc) and Full Goal (0 or 1 etc). In the case of a half goal handicap there is only one winner, as it is not possible to score half a goal. In the case of a full handicap goal, all bets are refunded in the event of a tie. It is therefore possible in both cases to bet only on the victory of one or the other team.

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Then there are the bets on goals. As mentioned earlier it is possible to bet on whether both teams score or not, but there are other similar types of bets. Bets on the first scorer require that the player who will be most decisive in reaching the final result is guessed. It is allowed to bet on the possibility that there are no goals during the match, or that there is an own goal as the first goal of the match. First Goal Interval bets require you to bet on the part of the match where the first goal occurs, in time slots of 15 minutes generally.

You can then bet on the exact total goal, i.e. on the exact sum of the final scores of the teams, and on the Victory Margin, i.e. on the exact goal difference at the end of the match. The stake can therefore be 0 if a tie is assumed, or higher values. Finally, there is the bet on the Time with the most goals, in which you have to guess which of the two halves of the match will see the most goals scored. A draw is also expected among the options.

Football Combinations and Multiple Bets

To increase the odds, many betting sites offer the possibility to make combinations between the betting modes . For example, the bets can be combined by forming a bet on the Result + Under / Over, or Goal / No goal, but there are others such as Double chance + Under / over or Goal / No goal, and finally Under / over + Goal / No Goal.

Finally, there are multiple bets, which are one of the most popular options for Malaysian players. Thanks to them it is possible to create what is called Schedina, composed of two or more events. The odds of the individual matches are therefore multiplied with each other, greatly increasing the winning potential. Obviously it should be noted that, by doing so, the margins of victory are significantly lowered, and it is therefore difficult to place winning bets. For all new subscribers to betting platforms, welcome prizes are usually available from bookmakers, for more information visit the Betting Bonus section .

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