Dota 2 Betting in Parimatch Malaysia

Acronym of Defense of the Ancient, Dota 2 is a multiplayer videogame taken from the world of fantasy. Also in this case the teams, each of which made up of five players, face each other trying to conquer the enemy’s fortress. The development of the game presents characters similar to those of League of Legends. Unlike the latter, however, Dota 2 has a little more complex dynamics. To take part in the game, you need to create an account, an operation that can be done quickly and completely free of charge directly from the portal that offers “Steam” online video game services.The success of Dota 2 is truly remarkable: to prove it are the large prize pools that, at the moment, have no equal. There are many competitions and tournaments scheduled in the online sports betting portals that concern this video game.

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For example, the International tournament is organized on Parimatch. We remind you that this Italian bookmaker currently allows its customers to bet only on the events of two eSports: League of Legends and Dota 2. The theoretical average return percentages of bettors who place real money bets on, to bet on Dota 2 are between 90.7% and 93.4%.