Cricket betting: popular tournaments, features, tips for beginners

Cricket is a traditional British sport, the first competitions were held 6-7 centuries ago.

Expanding their empire, the British brought entertainment to many Asian countries. Now cricket is a national sport in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Great popularity remains in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England. And if the British are passionate about something, then bets are definitely accepted on this. Therefore, the cricket list of bookmakers is traditionally wide and varied.

Which cricket tournaments to bet on with Parimatch

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The geography of popular competitions is mainly limited to the British Commonwealth. The national championships on which bets are accepted are held in:

  • England;
  • Australia;
  • India;
  • Pakistan;
  • Canada, etc.

Recently, cricket is gaining popularity in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.

The key international tournaments are the Cup and the World Championship, they are held among men’s and women’s teams. Cup competitions are held annually.

The most prestigious event is the World Championship held every four years. Everything is like in big football, only there are much fewer participants (10).

Features of cricket betting rules

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Cricket rules are quite complicated for domestic fans. The game has retained many traditional moments that negatively affect the entertainment. For example, the time of the match is not limited, the game can even last several days.

Often the winner is determined not by points, but by additional parameters. Even in the final of the 2019 World Cup, a draw was recorded between the British and New Zealanders. And the championship title was awarded to the hosts according to additional characteristics.

It is difficult to understand all the intricacies of cricket rules, let’s highlight the key points:

  • on an oval field with a track in the middle, two teams of eleven players each oppose each other;
  • the goal is to score more points than the opponent;
  • credit points are awarded for “runs” (wounds) of batters;
  • the goal of the throwing team is to eliminate 10 kickers from the game.

Only after the members of the batting team are eliminated does the period end. Often it is delayed for 10-20 hours, and sometimes longer. Therefore, a daily match in cricket is a common thing.

Batsmen are eliminated if the opposing team succeeds in:

  • catch a batted ball on the fly;
  • knock down the gate;
  • touch the ball, which flew into the wicket, the batter’s body.

If a player on the batting team touches and destroys the wicket during the run, he is also out.

In turn, batters receive points for:

  • runaway – one;
  • the ball knocked out of the field – four;
  • the kicked ball flies out without touching the lawn – six.

The match report contains statistics for each athlete, in case of a draw on points, their individual performance is taken into account.

What markets are given in the list of bookmaker

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Parimatch review for different matches is very different. It all depends on the prestige of the game, its official status, the tournament. Three main markets are usually given:

  • P1, P2 – which of the opponents will win the confrontation;
  • odds on points;
  • who wins the draw is a traditional market in which the odds for both outcomes are equal.

In serious matches, the general and individual totals are added. It is also possible to bet on individual totals of runs in each individual over (a set of six innings by an individual player).

For major matches in which real cricket stars perform, specific markets are painted:

  • who will be the best batsman – batter;
  • the best results of individual partnerships (batsmen work in pairs);
  • whether the first wicket in the game will be taken;
  • will the best batsman score 50 or more points;
  • who will make more run-outs and much more.

It makes sense to make special bets only if you know the rules well, and also perfectly understand the capabilities of each of the participants in the match.

Tips for pre-match analysis

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To increase the chances of a successful prediction in cricket, consider the following factors in your pre-match analysis:

  • format – often a limited number of overs is included in the rules of a particular tournament, but can also be assigned due to weather conditions;
  • the venue is of particular importance for international tournaments, home teams feel more confident;
  • team composition – success in the game largely depends on the presence of the strongest performers in the team who earn the most points;
  • head-to-head statistics are an important factor in those cases. when teams with a long history of principled rivalry meet.

Professional cricket bettors constantly study numerous materials in the press and social networks, emerging news and rumors about top players. The motivation of key performers, their form and attitude are the main factors influencing the outcome.

Pros and cons of betting on cricket

One of the key advantages of betting on cricket is the high level of competition between teams participating in certain tournaments. Usually there are no explicit outsiders and underdogs. Therefore, betting on a positive handicap can be very profitable. Especially in those cases when fans heavily load the market by making numerous bets on their favorite team.

LIVE bets on cricket matches are very popular. This is not surprising, because if the game goes on for 20-30 hours, then you can always pick up an interesting and profitable bet in the process.

But there are significant disadvantages in cricket betting:

Weather dependent. Because of the rain, not only can the match be postponed. Changes in the format and rules of the meeting are allowed. Often the weather changes already during the game, greatly adjusting the performance.

Presence of contractual matches. If in England, Canada, Australia such a phenomenon is almost eradicated, then in Asian countries, agreements are a common thing. The results may not match the strength of the opponents at all.

Significant differences in the regulations of different tournaments. This is a pitfall for beginners. You can rely on the statistics of a particular team, but do not take into account that the upcoming match will be held in a different format, for example, with a reduced number of overs.

The main conclusion: you can start betting on cricket only after a detailed study of the rules and regulations of specific competitions. There will be profit on bets only if you really understand the strength of the clubs, the individual skill of the performers. To do this, you need to really get carried away with this exotic sport for us.

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