Betting on Basketball: What they are and how to do them in Parimatch

Among the sports most practiced by Malaysian, in second place immediately after football which is the most followed, is basketball . International events are organized every day, both at European and world level, and fans of this sport are always growing. The schedules offer many sporting events on which it is obviously possible to bet. Betting on basketball through the various bookmakers is easy and safe. You can choose to bet on a game of the Chicago Bulls, the LA Lakers, or the Boston Celtics, or any other American NBA team, but the options also range from the Malaysian Serie A to the Basketball-Bundesliga, the TBL, the Liga ACB. and much more.

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Then there are also the international cups such as the Champions League, the Euroleague or the Eurocup, and finally the national cups. The system may seem complicated, especially compared to the one related to betting for football , but in this guide all types of bets will be introduced, even for those who are beginners.

What are the ways to place a sports bet for basketball

Place a bet

A user who wants to place bets on a basketball match must first choose the type of Parimatch bet to be made. There are three macro-categories of bets: those based on the outcome of the match , those based on the number of points obtained by the teams on the field, and finally those based on margins . The first category is divided into three bet sub-types, namely Winner, 1 X 2 and Handicap . Points bets can be Over / Under or Odd / Even . In the latter case, however, as regards the margins, it is possible to bet on the victory margins or on the waste margins.

Given the variety both in the number and type of match, and in the betting methods, you can see a great variability in the bets. Before making any kind of decision, it is advisable to carefully analyze the progress of the various matches, the performance of the teams and their statistics, to try to predict any defections or turnover. In general, before placing a bet on a match it is necessary to know as much as possible about it, the background of the teams and the latest related events.

How the various types of bets for basketball work

A bet for a basketball betting match with a Win to Match outcome (T / T 1 – 2) simply requires you to guess which team will win between the two on the court. For example: LA Lakers / Boston Celtics 120-134. In this case a bet on 2 would have resulted in a win.

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If, on the other hand, you want to make a bet on the outcome of type 1 X 2 , you will have to bet on the fact that one of the two teams will win on the other with a difference of 6 or more points compared to the other. 1 refers to the home team, 2 refers to the away team. Option X requires one of the two teams to win over the other, but this time with a difference of 5 points or less. Finally, the type of bet 1 x 2 H (T / T Handicap) , requires you to predict the eventual victory of a team despite a Handicap on the final score of one of the two, established by the bookmaker .

Basketball bets based on the number of points are divided into Over / Under and Even / Odd. In the first case, it will be necessary to guess whether the sum of the points scored by the two teams is higher or lower (Over or Under) than a value established by the bookmaker. In the second case, it will be necessary to predict whether the sum will be odd or even, as can be easily guessed, without taking into account any overtime. Finally, in the case of margins, you can bet on the Victory Margin or the Scrap Margin. For the first, it is necessary to guess the winning team, and by which difference it won over the loser. You can choose between different ranges of waste: 1-5; 6-10; 11-15; 16-20; 21-25; 26+. In the case of the margin of difference, however, it is only necessary to guess the difference between the teams, without indicating the winner. The waste bands are the same as in the previous case.

Where you can place bets on basketball

Fans of the sport of basketball and anyone who follows international and national basketball events have the opportunity to access the basketball betting sector by choosing one of the various platforms that allow access to the services of the Bookmakers . The latter are the various companies that manage the technical area of ​​the reference sector, and deal with offering related services to users who want to have access to them.

Parimatch Bookmakers also offer welcome bonuses to new subscribers of their platforms, and it is possible to visit the Betting Bonus page to get more information on how to access the services of the providers, and their first access bonuses.

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