Badminton Betting – Which are the most important tournaments

On sports betting Parimatch websites , you can place your bets on a very wide range of sports and disciplines. Users have the opportunity to range from football, which is obviously the most followed and appreciated sport in our country, to team games such as basketball, ice hockey, but also individual disciplines such as table tennis or squash. Not everyone knows, however, that among the various possibilities there is also a sport which, although appreciated by a relatively small niche, has fans from all over the world. This is badminton , one of the sports of the tennis family. In this guide we will describe all the most important tournaments that are organized and arranged in the betting calendar of best bookmakers AAMS, like Parimatch global.

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To bet it is in fact necessary to choose a platform that contains this sport in its catalog, on our website you will find a detailed list of bookmakers that offer this service in a safe and reliable way and more information on access to bets.

The best among them also offer, for all fans who sign up for the first time, very convenient welcome bonuses that can reach very high figures, which are obtained simply by opening an online account and making the first deposit or the first bets. . So here’s everything you need to know about the major badminton events you can bet on.

The major badminton betting tournaments – Olympics

Among the most famous events in the world, every four years, the appointment with the most important sporting competitions in the world cannot be missed. Everyone follows the Olympics and they obviously consist of one of the richest opportunities to place sports bets. Badminton is a relatively recent Olympic sport, in fact the relative categories were only included in the early 1990s. Almost thirty years have now passed and fans can bet on the Single, Double Male, Double Female and Double Mixed categories.

Like any other sport, badminton tournaments also feature first, second and third place at the Olympics, with their respective gold, silver and bronze medals. Since then it has been almost always Asian badminton competitors who have won these medals, with China taking the top spot. China has in fact won 42 medals, 18 of which gold, followed by Indonesia and South Korea, both with 19 medals.

Badminton Tournaments To Bet On – The Thomas Cup

The Thomas Cup is another major badminton tournament involving athletes from all over the world, although only five nations have historically managed to actually get the prize of this tournament, four of which are Asian, or the continent in which the sport is more widespread and followed. It is also known as the world championship of men’s athletes and teams.

The participating teams represent the member countries of the BWF, or the World Badminton Federation. The frequency of this event is biennial and it is organized in parallel with the female fee which will be detailed in the next paragraph. The 12 teams that pass the qualifying phase then compete and the event takes place in the host country.


It is possible to bet on every participant of the event, of course, but to date the only countries to win a victory have been China with 13 wins, Indonesia with 10, Malaysia with 5 and Japan and Denmark with both a victory. each.

The Uber Cup – Betting on the women’s badminton championship

As with the men’s tournament, there is obviously also a tournament in which the best Badminton athletes in the world compete. This tournament is relatively younger, and is named after its English creator, Betty Uber, who took the initiative in 1957 when the first edition was organized. The Uber Cup works in exactly the same way as the Thomas Cup and again, the Asian nations have won the most wins.

In the top 5, after China, Japan and Indonesia, we also find the United States and some competitions have also seen finalists from other Western countries such as Denmark and the United Kingdom. Both the Thomas Cup and the Uber Cup, originally, were organized every three years but both, for many years now, have been organized every two years in order to fit together the places and dates of all the events. This is why badminton is a sport that many choose to place their sports bets, as important events are spread throughout the year and are still very frequent.

Badminton Betting – Continental Tournaments

The tournaments described so far, as mentioned, are organized worldwide, but there are some minor tournaments, on a continental level, which are used, among other things, to qualify for access to the major tournaments. In Europe, the most important competitions are the European Championships, the European Men’s and Women’s Team Badminton Championships and the European Mixed Team Championships.

The options available to bettors are therefore so many, to know the odds relating to Badminton and more information on the online betting sector in Malaysia you can visit our website, updated to the latest news.